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Red Skull #1 on shelves this week

Red Skull #1 from Marvel ComicsRed Skull #1 from Marvel Comics

As the Secret Wars rages on, more tales from Battleworld are hitting the shelves at The Comic Shop! Writer Joshua Williams and artist Luca Pizzari are joining forces to bring Marvel Readers their all new Red Skull mini-series Secret Wars tie in!

One of the most vile villains of the Marvel Universe gets his very own twisted Secret Wars series! Red Skull should be dead but his legend grows, so a team of villains that includes Winter Soldier, Magneto and Lady Deathstrike are sent on a dangerous odyssey to the Deadlands to prove it…but no one ever comes back alive from the Deadlands! Forced to overcome zombies, Ultron drones and the Annihilation Wave, the rag-tag team of villains will find that they may bitten off more than they can chew…

Other comics out this week

Secret Wars #4 continues this week as writer Jonathan Hickman (Avengers, Fantastic Four) makes history with his universe shattering event! The old Marvel Multiverse is no more, and all that remains is Battleworld! As our heroes continue to learn about the multiverse patchwork that is Battleworld, The Cabal puts plans into motion to dominate and subjugate. Join Hickman and artist Esad Ribic (Thor God of Thunder) for the continuation of their epic event!

Don't miss this week's of Barb Wire #1 - the debut issue of Dark Horse's new series from writer Chris Warner and artists Pat Olliffe & Tom Nguyen! Nail-hard tough and drop-dead gorgeous, Barb Wire is the baddest bounty hunter on the mean streets of Steel Harbor, where gangsters can lift bulldozers and leap rusting factories in a single bound. The hunting is stupid good and the bounties are hella big-if Barb lives long enough to collect!

Year of Future Past #2 hits shelves this week. This Secret Wars tie in is a reworking of the classic Days of Future Past storyline and a must have for X-Men fans reading the Secret Wars epic! Freed from their military prison, the X-Men race through the ruins of the city to rescue their teammates from a terrible fate! Horrified by what mutants must do to survive, Kate Pryde and her family must struggle to find a way to save their people--and seek out the haven where a dire weapon waits

Trade of the week

This week's featured book is the Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex hardcover!

The Black Vortex, an ancient artifact of immeasurable power, is now in Mr. Knife’s hands! With billions of lives at stake, Star-Lord must steal it back — with the help of both the Guardians and the X-Men! But as a schism forms between the heroes, Knife’s Slaughter Squad closes in! Beast and Kitty must decipher the Vortex Book as Ronan, Nova and the Brood get involved, and Spartax falls! The Vortex grants near-infinite power to Knife’s forces; to counter them, the heroes will have to submit to its power themselves! Will the X-Men and Guardians lose their humanity forever?

Mezco "Heisenberg" Figure

Heisenberg from Mezco - Heisenberg from Mezco - "I am the one who knocks"

Straight from the silver screen comes one of tv's most unforgettable characters - Walter White, otherwise known as Heisenberg!

New from Mezco Toys, this highly detailed figure stands 12 inches tall and comes with his famous hat and sun glasses which defined his iconic look.

  • Highly detailed sculpt brings Heisenberg to life
  • Comes with hat, sun glasses and Walter White's eye glasses

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