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How quick has the Christmas period creeped up this year? Only 11 days till the jolly red man visits us to spread the Christmas cheer to all.

From everyone at The Comic Shop* we wish everyone and their families the merriest of Christmas times.

The Comic Shop* will only be Closed on the Public holidays.

Our Christmas shop hours will be:
- Wednesday 24/12/14 - Christmas Eve - OPEN - NORMAL SHOP HOURS 10AM TILL 5:30PM
- Saturday 26/12/14 - OPEN - NORMAL SHOP HOURS 10AM TILL 4PM.
- Sunday 28/12/14 - OPEN - NORMAL SHOP HOURS 10AM TILL 4PM.

So to everyone have a Great and Merry Christmas,

From the fellas at The Comic Shop*
Jason, Tom, Dave, John, Nitin, Dylan & Chris

Jason Aaron's Thor continues with issue #3!

Thor #3 from Jason AaronThor #3 from Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron continues to bring the goods with his all new Thor run! Mjolnir has deemed an as yet unrevealed warrior woman to be worthy of the power of Thor! Transformed, she is the Earth's mighty God of Thunder! But where does this leave our blonde Odinson? What place in the world has he if he is deemed no longer worthy? Don't miss Thor #3 from Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman!

Lifting the enchanted hammer Mjolnir has transformed a mysterious woman into an all-new version of the mighty Thor. But what happens when she’s separated from that hammer? Plus, Frost Giants! ROXXON! And oh yeah, whatever happened to the guy who used to carry that hammer?

Other comics out this week

Writer Elliott Kallan and artist Marco Failla team-up to bring Marvel readers the new series "Spider-Man and the X-Men!" A follow up to the "Wolverine and the X-Men" series, this new book sees Spider-Man taking up a position as the guidance councillor at the Jean Grey Academy! What's a non-mutant doing at a school for mutants? What secret suspicion has fueled the formation of his special student class? Don't miss the first issue of this action packed series!

Avengers and X-Men AXIS continues this week with issue #7 (ACT III: New World Disorder) ! It's the Uncanny X-Men versus the Astonishing Avengers for the fate of New York! Nothing is off limits in this latest issue from writer Rick Remender (Uncanny Avengers) and artist Adam Kubert (Wolverine). The Red Onslaught has spread his hate across the globe! Heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe have been inverted! Don't miss the continuation of the event everyone is talking about: AXIS!

Spider-Verse too intense for you? Jump back to 616 for two super special Spider-Man stories! Rising star Sean Ryan (Suicide Squad) and Brandon Peterson (Uncanny X-Men, Age of Ultron) bring you a story that will have everyone talking! Jai Nitz (Dream Thief) and Marvel new-comer Ron Salas bring you a back-up story featuring a fan-favorite supporting cast member! All this in the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1!

Trade of the week

Nightwing's original 4-part mini-series and the first 8 issues of his original ongoing have now been collected into the new soft cover edition "Nightwing Vol. 1: Bludhaven"!

To kick things off, Nightwing uncovers new facts about the murder of his parents that suggests there was far more to their deaths than he ever suspected. But shadowy forces have reasons to keep the truth buried!

Batman 75th Anniversary Action Figure Collection! Four classic figures!

Batman Figure CollectionBatman Figure Collection

Batman collectors, fans and aficionados - feast your eyes on DC's new '75th Anniversary Action Figure Collection'!

Celebrate the icon that is The Batman with these four figures (each commemorating a different era of the Bat-suit), each packaged in a limited edition tin.

Set includes the following Batman figures - * New Frontier Appearance by Darwyn Cooke * First Appearance Costume by Bob Kane * Arkham Origins Game Appearance * HUSH appearance by Jim Lee

Bat-fans get in quick as this limited edition collection won't last long!

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October's Lobo's Loot Claimed

The 'BoAre you gonna claim the stash, bastich?

The Lobo's Loot for October has been claimed by S/O 400!