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Marvel's Epic Secret Wars expands with the Infinity Gauntlet!

Secret Wars Infinity Gauntlet Front Cover!Secret Wars Infinity Gauntlet Front Cover!

The Infinity Gauntlet is back in Secret Wars! The destruction and recreation of the known Marvel Multiverse hasn't stopped the Infinity Stones (or Thanos for that matter) from being a major antagonistic force! Don't miss the Secret Wars: Infinity Gauntlet mini-series!

The most powerful artifact of the Marvel Universe has landed in one of the Battleworld 'War Zones'! Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Dustin Weaver bring Marvel readers a new take on the legendary Infinity Gauntlet saga in this tie-in to the Secret Wars event!

Other comics out this week

The Avengers of the year 2099 make their first appearance in this week's Secret Wars 2099 #1! Secret Wars has reshaped the Marvel Universe, but the Avengers 2099 have their own problems in a world ruled by Mega Corporations! It's Marvel 2099 as you've never seen it before! Featuring Peter David on writing duties and art by William Sliney!

The last issue of DC Comic's Convergence epic is here! All the heroes of the DC Universe unite to face a crisis of infinite proportions – but when all is done, there can be only one reality. But will even that survive the battle? Scott Lobdell and Jeff King bring the DC Universe to it's knees against an epic foe in this final issue. Don't miss out! Featuring art by Stephen Segovia and Carlo Pagulayan!

Writer Jeff Lemire (Descender, Animal Man) and artist Ramon Perez (The New Warriors, Uncanny X-Force) continue their take on Marvel's bow and arrow wielding Avenger with issue #3 of Marvel's All New Hawkeye! What makes a hero and what breaks a hero? Hawkeye and Hawkeye experience both. In one gloriously beautiful issue!

Trade of the week

This week's featured book is the Giant-Size X-Men 40th Anniversary Hardcover!

Celebrate the birthday of the book that made a Giant-Size impact on comics! Revisit the fateful day that Professor X gathered an all-new, all-different, multinational mix of mutants - as Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Banshee, Sunfire, Thunderbird and some guy named Wolverine unite with Cyclops in the rescue tale that ushered in four decades of uncanny adventures! See how the original team reacted to the newly expanded roster! Learn the tragic histories of Colossus and Wolverine! Ask yourself "What If?" they all died or never even met! And savor the explosive epic that revealed the group's true deadly genesis - and the ill-fated existence of a previous team!

Joker & Harley Quinn from DC Direct

Joker and Harley Quinn by DC DirectJoker and Harley Quinn by DC Direct

Inspired by the iconic cover of Batman: Harley Quinn #1 comes this brand new DC Direct statue!

With a highly detailed sculpt by Tim Bruckner, the Joker poses with Harley Quinn as he looks forward with his signature glare. Joker and Harley fans are best not to miss out on this limited statue!

  • Sculpted By Tim Bruckner
  • Limited Edition of 5,200
  • Limited figure; Don't miss out!

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