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  • Shipping on Thursday, 27 December 2018

    *** MERRY CHRISTMAS 2018 ***
    To everyone who has been part of The Comic Shop* in the past year,
    From ALL the staff in shop.

    Hoping that you all have been Good People the past year or it could be “spuds” for you.

    Have a awesome Christmas
    Jason, Dylan, Dave, Nitin, Jason MkII, John & Chris


    Saturday 22nd of December    10am – 4pm

    Sunday 23rd of December       10am – 4pm

    Monday 24th of December     10am – 4pm

    Tuesday 25th of December       CLOSED

    Wednesday 26th of December CLOSED

    Thursday 27th of December   10am – 7pm

    Friday 28th of December        10am – 5.30pm

    Saturday 29th of December   10am – 4pm

    Sunday 30th of December      10am – 4pm

    Monday 31st of December      10am – 4pm

    Tuesday 1st of January            CLOSED

    Wednesday 2nd of January   10am – 5.30pm




    • Fantastic Four #5
    • Marvel Action Avengers #1
    • Superior Spider-Man #1
    • Superior Spider-Man #1 Djurdjevic  FF Villain Variant
    • Superior Spider-Man #1 Hawthorne Variant
    • Uncanny X-Men #7
    • Uncanny X-Men #7 Action Figure Variant
    • X-Force #1
    • X-Force #1 Djurdjevic FF Villain Variant
    • X-Force #1 Zaffino Variant


    • Batman Beyond Vol 04 TP
    • Green Arrow War Of The Clans Essential TP
    • Nightwing Vol 07 TP


    Dark Horse

    • Hellboy & The BPRD 1956 #2 of 5

    IDW Publishing

    • Go-Bots #2
    • Marvel Action Avengers #1
    • Marvel Action Avengers #1 Variant

    Various Independents

    • Bone Parish #5
    • Mars Attacks #3

    Statues and Busts

    Action Figures



    Comic Supplies

*New series debut issues are marked in bold. Titles and products are listed here in good faith as some items are known to sell out within a day upon release. To ensure you do not miss out, please enquire about our standing order service.